Avanti MO1400SST Microwave Oven دليل المستخدم

Avanti MO1400SST Microwave Oven دليل المستخدم لجهاز

Avanti MO1400SST Microwave Oven دليل المستخدم

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MICROWAVE OVENINSTRUCTION MANUALMANUAL DE INSTRUCCIONSModel Number / No. de Modelo:MO1400SSTBEFORE USE, PLEASE READ AND FOLLOW ALL SAFETY RULES AND OPERATINGINSTRUCTIONS.La sección en español empieza en la página 22.Avanti has a policy of continuous improvement on its products and reserves the right to change materials andspecifications without notice.Avanti Products, A Division of The Mackle Co., Inc.P.O. Box 520604 - Miami, Florida 33152www.avantiproducts.com

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REGISTRATION INFORMATIONThank you for purchasing this fine Avanti product. Please fill out this form and return it within 100 days ofpurchase and receive these important benefits to the following address:Avanti Products, A Division of The Mackle Co., Inc.P.O. Box 520604 - Miami, Florida 33152 USA? Protect your product:We will keep the model number and date of purchase of your new Avanti product on file to helpyou refer to this information in the event of an insurance claim such as fire or theft.

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HELP US HELP YOU…Read this guide carefully.Write down the model and serial numbers.It is intended to help you operate and maintainyour new microwave oven properly.You'll find them on a label located on the rear wallof the microwave oven.Keep it handy to answer your questions.If you don't understand something or you needmore assistance, please call:Please write these numbers here:____________________________________Date of PurchaseAvanti Customer Service800-220-5570_____________________________

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TABLE OF CONTENTSRegistration Information2Help Us Help You …4Parts And Features5Important Safety Instructions7Installation Instructions8Before Using Your Appliance8Installation Of Your Appliance8Safety Precautions8Electrical Connection10Operating Your Appliance11Operation Procedure11Control Panel12Special Oven Features13How To Set The Oven Controls13Quick Cook Settings16Cooking Techniques18Care And Maintenance18Cleaning Your Appliance18Troubleshooting Guide19Service For Your Appliance19Limited

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IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS? WARNING?????????????????????To reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock, orinjury when using your appliance, follow thesebasic precautions:Read all instructions before using the appliance.Precautions to avoid possible exposure to excessive microwave energy.This appliance must be grounded. Connect only to properly grounded outlet. See GROUNDINGINSTRUCTIONS.Install or locate the appliance only in accordance with the provided installation instructions.When cleaning s

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INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS?BEFORE USING YOUR APPLIANCERemove the exterior and interior packing.Check to be sure you have all of the following parts:? Glass Tray? Roller Ring? Instruction Manual? Inspect the oven after unpacking for any visual damage such as:? Misaligned Door? Damaged Door? Dents or Holes in Door Window and Screen? Dents in CavityIf any of the above is visible, DO NOT use the oven.???INSTALLATION OF YOUR APPLIANCEWhen positioning the microwave oven, it should be set on a flat, ste

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General Use? DO NOT attempt to tamper with or make any adjustments or repairs to door, control panel or anyother part of the oven. Do NOT remove outer panel from oven. Repairs should only be done byqualified service personnel.? DO NOT operate the oven empty. The microwave energy will reflect continuously throughout theoven if no food or water is present to absorb energy.? If a fire occurs in the oven, touch the START/STOP pad and LEAVE THE DOOR CLOSED.Disconnect the power cord, or shut off power

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???DO NOT attempt to deep fat fry in your oven.HEATED LIQUIDS can ERUPT if not mixed with air. DO NOT heat liquids in your microwaveoven without first stirring.ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONGROUNDING INSTRUCTIONSThis appliance must be grounded. In the event of an electrical short circuit, grounding reduces the risk ofelectrical shock by providing an escape wire for the electric current. This appliance is equipped with acord having a grounding wire with a grounding plug. The plug must be inserted into an

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OPERATING YOUR APPLIANCEAlthough your oven is provided with safety features, it is important to observe the following:? It is important not to defeat or tamper with safety interlocks.? Do not place any object between the oven front face and the door or allow residue to accumulate onsealing surfaces. Wipe the sealing area frequently with a mild detergent, rinse and wipe dry. Neveruse abrasive powders or pads.? When opened, the door must not be subjected to strain, for example, a child hanging on

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?CONTROL PANELFollow the applicable instructions for operation and control, which are given in “HOW TO SET THE OVENCONTROLS”.MENU COOKINGS:BAKED POTATO BEVERAGE/SOUP PIZZASEAFOOD POPCORN FROZEN DINNERFRESH VEGETABLES REHEATFROZEN VEGETABLESAllow you to reheat or cook food automaticallywithout entering power level or time.POWER/MUSICUse to set power level or select what kind of thereminder signal.DEFROST BY WEIGHTTouch to set the weight of the food to bedefrosted. The oven automatically sets

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TIMER?Use to set cooking time.?Allows you to set up to 99 minutes and 99 secondsRESET?Touch to cancel the selected power level, cook or defrost times previously programmed. The time of day clockis not cancelled.START/STOP?Touch to start the defrost or cook programs.?The cook indicator light and the oven light will come on and the cooling fan will operate.NOTE: END OF OPERATION- Display will show “END”.?Three beeps will sound, the cook indicator light will go out and the time of day will retu

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SETTING THE CLOCK1.Touch CLOCK pad. This is a 12 hour clock.2.Touch CLOCK pad once more. This is a 24 hournumber pads to enter the power level. You canset the power level from 1 to 9.Use single digits to set a cooking power level:Number pad987654321clock.3.Use the number pads to enter the correct time. Ifyou selected 12 hour clock sys tem, the digitalclock allows you to set from 1:00 to 12:59. If youselected 24 hour clock system, the digital clockallows you to set from 0:00 to 23:59.You musttouc

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NOTE:Maximum weight for defrosting is 5 lb 16 oz.After time has elapsed four signals sound and ENDTurn food over when oven signals twice. Touchappears in display. Touch RESET pad or open door toSTART/STOP to resume defrosting.clear END before starting another cooking function.After total defrostinging time, 4 signals sound andEND appears in display. Touch RESET or open ovenDEFROST BY WEIGHTdoor to clear END before starting another cooking1.Touch DEFROST BY WEIGHT pad.2.Enter weight.3.Touch START

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POPCORN1.Touch POPCORN.BEVERAGE2.Touch NUMBER pads (1-2) to select the amountFor 4 to 6 oz. coffee cups:of food.1.Touch BEVERAGE once.2.Enter number of cups by touching number padsAMOUNT1 (3 oz.)2 (1.5 oz.)3.COOKING TIME1 min. 45 sec.1 min. 35 sec.from 1 to 4. Cooking times are as follows:1 cup.1 min. 00 sec2 cups.2 min. 00 sec3 cups.2 min. 50 sec4 cups.3 min. 50 secTouch START/STOP.BAKED POTATO3.Touch START/STOP.For 3.5 to 5 oz. potatoes:1.Touch BAKED POTATO once.2.Enter number of potatoes by t

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45678REHEAT1.Touch REHEAT.2.Touch NUMBER pads (1-7) to select the amount(3 oz.) of food.AMOUNT12345673.3.COOKING TIME0 min. 18 sec.0 min. 35 sec.0 min. 50 sec.0 min. 55 sec.1 min. 10 sec.1 min. 30 sec.2 min. 00 sec.4 min. 10 sec.4 min. 30 sec.5 min. 00 sec.5 min. 30 sec.6 min. 00 sec.Touch START/STOP pad.FRESH VEGETABLES1.Touch FRESH VEGETABLES.2.Touch NUMBER pads (1-6) to select the amount(0.25Ib) of vegetables .AMOUNT123456Touch START/STOP.Note: place in dish or casserole slightly larger thant

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?COOKING TECHNIQUESYour microwave makes cooking easier than conventional cooking, provided you keep theseconsiderations in mind.StirringStir foods such as casseroles and vegetables while cooking to distribute heat evenly. Food at the outsideof the dish absorbs more energy and heats more quickly, so stir from the outside to the center. The ovenwill turn off when you open the door to stir your food.ArrangementArrange unevenly shaped foods, such as chicken pieces or chops, with the thicker, meatier

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PROBLEMS WITH YOUR APPLIANCE?You can solve many common appliance problems easily, saving you the cost of a possible service call.Try the suggestions below to see if you can solve the problem before calling the servicer.TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDEPROBLEMAppliance does not operate.The light does not work.Vibrations.POSSIBLE CAUSENot plugged in.The circuit breaker tripped or a blown fuse.The door is not closed properly.The circuit breaker tripped or a blown fuse.The appliance is unplugged.The bulb has bu

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Avanti Microwave OvensLIMITED WARRANTYLIMITED ONE-YEAR WARRANTYAvanti Products will repair or replace, without charge, any part of your product, which proves to bedefective in material or workmanship under normal use during the first year after the date of originalpurchase by a consumer. This warranty is good for the original purchaser during the warranty period andapplies only in the continental United States. Transportation of this product to and from the designatedservice facility is the resp

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