Bodum 3020 Espresso Maker دليل المستخدم

Bodum 3020 Espresso Maker دليل المستخدم لجهاز

Bodum 3020 Espresso Maker دليل المستخدم

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IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS2IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDSWhen using electric appliances, basicsafety precautions should always be followed,including the following:8. Do not use your appliance with accessoryattachments unless it is recommended by theappliance manufacturer to reduce injuries.1. Read carefully the instructions provided withan appliance.9. Do not use outdoors.2. Keep hands away from hot parts of theappliance, including the cup warming plate,filter holder and steam nozzle. Use handles orknobs.10. Do

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This appliance has a polarized plug (one bladeis wider than the other). To reduce the risk ofelectric shock, this plug is intended to fit into apolarized outlet only one way. If the plug doesnot fit fully into the outlet, reverse the plug. If itstill does not fit, contact a qualified electrician.Do not attempt to modify the plug in any way.A short cord is provided to reduce the hazardresulting from becoming entangled in or trippingover a longer cord. An extension cord may beused if you are caref

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WELCOME TO BODUM®4Welcome to BODUM ®Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a GRANOS Espresso machine. We hope you will enjoy using thisBODUM® product.Several BODUM® coffees are perfect for espresso brewing – BODUM’s Best, BODUM Espresso, BODUM Sumatra, BODUMFrench Roast and BODUM Estate Decaf all lend themselves to this classic method of brewing. Each of these coffees is handroasted and ‘cupped’ (taste-tested) for quality several times before being packed for sale. The perfe

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51 Top cover2 Warming plate for cups3 Control panel4 Brewing head5 Filter holder6 Drip grill7 Steam baffle8 Drip tray9 Water container lid10 Removable water container11 Water control knob12 Steam nozzle13 Frothing aid14 Cable storage15 One cup filter16 Two cup filter17 Espresso pod filter18 Measuring spoon19 Cover for bottleholder20 Bottle adapterTHE WATER CONTROL KNOBCLOSE positionOPEN positionSTEAM/ WATER modeNote: Before turning on your GRANOS Espresso machine ensure that the water control kn

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6THE CONTROL PANELTHE CONTROL PANELONE CUPSTEAMTWO CUPSWATERMANUALNote: If the POWER button isflashing ‘red’ it means theespresso machine is heatingup. If the lights are constantthen you can star t using theespresso machine.MEMORYPOWEROFFEspresso machine isnot active.POWER ONAll lights flash 3 times.HEATING UPEspresso machine isheating up.READY STATE/ ONAll lights are constant. You canstar t using the espressomachine.WARNING SIGNLack of water.WARNING SIGNControl knob is open.POWE OFFAll ligh

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7FILLING THE WATER RESERVOIRFILLING THE WATER RESERVOIR1. Remove the water reser voirand open the lid.2. Fill the water reser voir withwater. Tip: The water reser voirshould always be filled withfresh tap water or use yourfavourite mineral water.3. Replace the water reser voirfirmly into the unit and closethe lid.Alternatively you can simplyopen the lid of the waterreser voir and fill with cold waterwithout removing it from themachine.3. Place the adapter on thewater bottle.4. Turn around the bo

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8STOP THE MACHINE · START THE MACHINESTART THE MACHINE1. Inser t the power cord into a120V AC power socket. Ensurethat the water control knob is inthe CLOSE position.2. Star t the unit by pressingthe POWER button. All smallround lights will illuminate andflash 3 times.3. Then the red power light willstar t flashing as long as themachine is heating up.The POWER button will changecolor from red to orange. Theheater temperature will godown to half of that required forthe READY STATE.Back to READY

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9MAKING ESPRESSOMAKING ESPRESSO · 1 CUP1. Select the ‘One cup’ filterand place it in the filter holder.2. Place one scoop of coffeeinto the filter.3. Tamp the coffee carefully.4. Wipe the edge of the filter toremove any excess coffeegrinds.5. Position the filter handle onthe brewing head and turn thehandle to the right.6. Place a cup under the brewing head. Then press the ONECUP button.7. The brewing process star ts.When the ‘One cup’ hasbrewed the process will stopautomatically.8. Remo

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10MAKING ESPRESSOMAKING ESPRESSO · COFFEE POD1. Select the Espresso podfilter and place it in the filterholder.2. Place the coffee pod in thefilter.3. Position the filter handle onthe brewing head and turn thehandle to the right.4. Place 1 cup under thebrewing head and press theONE CUP button. Continue asshowed in the steps before.SET MEMORY FOR 1/2 CUPSNote: The machine has‘recorded’ the amount of water.Next time the ONE CUP or TWOCUP button is used, the sameamount of coffee will bebrewed

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11FROTHING MILK · HOT WATERHOT WATER1. Remove the frothenhancing steam attachment from the steamnozzle.2. Press the WATERbutton.3. Swing the steam nozzle inwards over the driptray and place a containerunder it.4. Open the water controlknob to the left for hotwater and back again forstopping the water.5. Press the WATERbutton again to get backto READY STATE.2. Press the STEAMbutton.3. Swing the steam nozzle inwards over the driptray and place a containerunder it. Open the watercontrol knob to th

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12WARNING SIGNWARNING SIGN · WATER CONTROL KNOBIf the control knob is in theOPEN position you will get awarning sign when you star t themachine.WARNING SIGN: POWER lightand STEAM/ WATER lightsflash.Turn the water control knob toCLOSE position.WARNING SIGN · RUN OUT OF WATERIf there is no more water alllights will flash twice.Then the POWER button willflash alternately red and green.Fill the water reser voir andpress the POWER button toreturn to READY STATE.STEAM and WATER light willthen stop f

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13With this appliance and a little experience, you can create café-quality coffee at home. Here are a few helpful suggestions: A single shotof espresso should result in only 30–35mls of coffee. The grind of coffee is critical. Use a fine to medium grind for domestic espressomachines. We recommend heating up the filter holder head and the cup before use.A common mistake is running too much water through the ground coffee, resulting in a thin and bitter tasting espresso. Ensure yourcoffee grind

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DESCALING14DESCALINGAfter continued use, your espresso machine may develop a build-up of mineral deposits. Thus your machine will require occasional‘descaling’. We recommend that you descale your machine every 2 – 3 months, although this period will depend on the hardness of waterand frequency of use of the machine.Descaling solutionTo descale we recommend the use of ordinary commercial descalers. Alternatively, dissolve 2 dessertspoons of tartaric acid (crème oftartar) or citric acid in

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1522. Remove the water reservoir from the machine and rinsethoroughly under running water, ensuring that all traces of thedescaling solution is removed. Fill the water reservoir with cleanwater and place onto machine.23. Run two full water reservoirs through the brewing head. Refillthe water reservoir and run the steam nozzle for 4–5 minutes.Note: Ensure that you continue to run water through the machineuntil the water runs clean and clear.24. When this is finished, remove the water reservoir

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CARE AND CLEANING16CARE AND CLEANINGThe coffee making process involves extracting oils out of coffee grinds to make espresso coffee. Deposits of these oils build up overtime and affect the taste of the coffee and operation of the espresso machine. Regular cleaning to remove these oils is essential forespresso machines to keep operating effectively. Flushing water through the brewing head and the steam nozzle, is the easiest way tokeep your machine clean after making each coffee, and at the end o

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17ProblemCoffee runs down the sideof the filter holder.No coffee runs through.Coffee filters out in drops.Espresso does not haveany Crema.Possible causeTROUBLE SHOOTINGTROUBLE SHOOTINGSolution· Filter holder is not inserted correctly.· Edge of filter insert is not free of coffeegranules.· The brewing head is dirty.· The brewing head is defective.· Brew head rubber seal is damaged.»»»»»· See ‘Making an espresso’· Clean around the edge of the filter and wipe the brewinghead clean o

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18TROUBLE SHOOTINGTROUBLE SHOOTINGProblemPossible causeSolutionCoffee is too cold.· Cups, filter and filter holder are cold.· If making a cappuccino or latte the milkmay not be heated enough.»»· Preheat cups, filter, handle and filter.· Ensure that milk is heated properly during frothing, but besure not to boil the milk.POWER and STEAM/WATER buttons flash(Control Panel).· The water control knob is not in the CLOSEposition.»· Close the water control knob.The POWER button flashesalternate

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