ATAG VA61211KT Dishwasher دليل المستخدم

ATAG VA61211KT Dishwasher دليل المستخدم لجهاز

ATAG VA61211KT Dishwasher دليل المستخدم

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User ManualDishwasherNotice d'utilisationLave-vaisselleBenutzerinformationGeschirrspülerVA61211KT

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2CONTENTSSafety informationSafety instructionsProduct descriptionControl panelProgrammesSettings235567Before first useDaily useHints and tipsCare and cleaningTroubleshootingTechnical information91012131516Subject to change without notice.SAFETY INFORMATIONBefore the installation and use of the appliance, carefully readthe supplied instructions. The manufacturer is not responsibleif an incorrect installation and use causes injuries anddamages. Always keep the instructions with the appliance forfu

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3••The ventilation openings in the base (if applicable) must notbe obstructed by a carpet.The appliance is to be connected to the water mains usingthe new supplied hose-sets. Old hose sets must not bereused.Children and vulnerable people safety•••••This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 yearsand above and persons with reduced physical, sensory ormental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge ifthey have been given supervision or instruction concerninguse of the

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4mains plug, use fuse: 13 amp ASTA (BS1362).Water connection• Make sure not to cause damage to thewater hoses.• Before you connect the appliance tonew pipes or pipes not used for a longtime, let the water flow until it is clean.• The first time you use the appliance,make sure that there is no leakage.• The water inlet hose has a safety valveand a sheath with an inner mains cable.• Do not drink and play with the water inthe appliance.• Do not remove the dishes from theappliance until

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5PRODUCT DESCRIPTION12111012345698 7547891011Rinse aid dispenserDetergent dispenserCutlery basketLower basketUpper basket6Upper spray armLower spray armFiltersRating plateSalt containerAir vent3CONTROL PANEL1251 On/off button2 Programme indicators433 Indicators4 Programme button

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65 Delay buttonIndicatorsIndicatorDescriptionEnd indicator.Salt indicator. It is always off while the programme operates.Rinse aid indicator. It is always off while the programme operates.PROGRAMMESProgramme2)3)4)Degree ofsoilType of loadProgrammephasesNormal soilCrockery andcutlery••••Heavy soilCrockery, cutlery, pots andpansConsumption values1)Duration(min)Energy(kWh)Water(l)PrewashWash 50 °CRinsesDry1951.03911••••PrewashWash 70 °CRinsesDry140 1601.3 - 1.513 - 15Normal soilCr

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7Programme5)Degree ofsoilType of loadProgrammephasesAll• PrewashConsumption values1)Duration(min)Energy(kWh)Water(l)140.141) The pressure and the temperature of the water, the variations of the mains supply, the options and the quantity ofdishes can change the values.2) With this programme you have the most efficient use of water and energy consumption for crockery and cutlerywith normal soil. (This is the standard programme for test institutes).3) This programme has a high temperature rising

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8your area. It is important to set the rightlevel of the water softener to assure goodwashing results.Water hardnessGerman degrees (°dH)French degrees (°fH)mmol/lClarke degreesWater softenerlevel47 - 5084 - 908.4 - 9.058 - 631043 - 4676 - 837.6 - 8.353 - 57937 - 4265 - 756.5 - 7.546 - 52829 - 3651 - 645.1 - 6.436 - 45723 - 2840 - 504.0 - 5.028 - 35619 - 2233 - 393.3 - 3.923 - 275 1)15 - 1826 - 322.6 - 3.218 - 22411 - 1419 - 251.9 - 2.513 - 1734 - 107 - 180.7 - 1.85 - 122<4<7<0.7<51 2)1) Factor

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9indicatorstarts to flash and theindicatorcomes on with fixed light.2. Press immediately the programmebutton.• The indicatorcomes on withfixed light.• The indicatorstarts to flash.3. Wait until the indicatorgoes off.continues to flash.The indicator• The end indicator indicates thecurrent setting: End indicator off =Acoustic signal off.4. Press the programme button to changethe setting.• End indicator on = Acoustic signalon.5. Press the on/off button confirm thesetting.BEFORE FIRST USE1.

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10How to fill the rinse aiddispenserA DCAUTION! Only use rinse aidspecifically designed fordishwashers.BCYou can turn the selector of thereleased quantity (B) betweenposition 1 (lowest quantity) andposition 4 or 6 (highest quantity).BA1. Press the release button (D) to open thelid (C).2. Pour the rinse aid in the dispenser (A)until the liquid reaches the fill level'max'.3. Remove the spilled rinse aid with anabsorbent cloth to prevent too muchfoam.4. Close the lid. Make sure that the releasebutt

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11A30BStarting a programme withdelay startD20C1. Press the release button (B) to open thelid (C).2. Put the detergent, in powder or tablets,in the compartment (A).3. If the programme has a prewash phase,put a small quantity of detergent in thecompartment (D).4. Close the lid. Make sure that the releasebutton locks into position.Using the multi-tabletsWhen you use tablets, that contain salt andrinse aid, do not fill the salt container andthe rinse aid dispenser.1. Adjust the water softener to the

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12HINTS AND TIPSGeneralThe following hints will ensure optimalcleaning and drying results in daily use andalso help to protect the environment.• Remove larger residues of food from thedishes into the waste bin.• Do not pre-rinse dishes by hand. Whenneeded, use the prewash programme (ifavailable) or select a programme with aprewash phase.• Always use the whole space of thebaskets.• When loading the appliance, make surethat the dishes can be completelyreached and washed by the waterrelease

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13• Put light items in the upper basket.Make sure that the items do not move.• Make sure that the spray arms canmove freely before you start aprogramme.Before starting a programmeMake sure that:• The filters are clean and correctlyinstalled.• The cap of the salt container is tight.• The spray arms are not clogged.• There is dishwasher salt and rinse aid(unless you use multi- tablets).• The position of the items in the basketsis correct.• The programme is applicable for thetype of

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14CAUTION! An incorrect positionof the filters can cause badwashing results and damage tothe appliance.Cleaning the spray armsDo not remove the spray arms. If the holesin the spray arms are clogged, removeremaining parts of soil with a thin pointedobject.External cleaning5. Make sure that there are no residues offood or soil in or around the edge of thesump.6. Put back in place the flat filter (A). Makesure that it is correctly positioned underthe 2 guides.• Clean the appliance with a moist so

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15TROUBLESHOOTINGIf the appliance does not start or it stopsduring operation, before you contact anAuthorised Service Centre, check if you cansolve the problem by yourself with the helpof the information in the table.With some problems the end indicatorflashes intermittently indicating amalfunction.Problem and alarm codePossible solutionYou cannot activate the appliance.• Make sure that the mains plug is connected tothe mains socket.• Make sure that there is no damaged fuse in thefuse box.Th

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16The washing and drying results are not satisfactoryProblemPossible solutionThere are whitish streaks orbluish layers on glasses anddishes.• The release quantity of rinse aid is too much. Adjust therinse aid selector to a lower position.• The quantity of detergent is too much.There are stains and dry waterdrops on glasses and dishes.• The released quantity of rinse aid is not sufficient. Adjustthe rinse aid selector to a higher position.• The quality of the rinse aid can be the cause.Th

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17TABLE DES MATIÈRESConsignes de sécuritéInstructions de sécuritéDescription de l'appareilBandeau de commandeProgrammesRéglages171820202122Avant la première utilisationUtilisation quotidienneConseilsEntretien et nettoyageDépannageCaractéristiques techniques242527293032Sous réserve de modifications.CONSIGNES DE SÉCURITÉAvant d'installer et d'utiliser cet appareil, lisez soigneusementles instructions fournies. Le fabricant ne peut être tenu pourresponsable des dommages et blessures li

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18•••Ne pulvérisez pas d'eau ni de vapeur pour nettoyerl'appareil.Les orifices d'aération situés à la base (si présents) nedoivent pas être obstrués par de la moquette.L'appareil doit être raccordé au réseau de distribution d'eauen utilisant les ensembles de raccordement neufs fournisavec l'appareil, il convient de ne pas réutiliser des ensemblesde raccordement usagés.Sécurité des enfants et des personnes vulnérables•••••Cet appareil peut être utilisé par des enf

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19••••remplacement du cordon d'alimentationde l'appareil doit être effectué par notreservice après-vente.Ne connectez la fiche d'alimentationsecteur à la prise de courant secteurqu'à la fin de l'installation. Assurez-vousque la fiche d'alimentation est accessibleune fois l'appareil installé.Ne tirez jamais sur le câbled'alimentation électrique pourdébrancher l'appareil. Tirez toujours surla fiche.Cet appareil est conforme aux directivesCEE.Uniquement pour le R-U et l'Irlande.L'a

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20DESCRIPTION DE L'APPAREIL12111012345698 7547891011Distributeur de liquide de rinçageDistributeur de produit de lavagePanier à couvertsPanier du basPanier du haut6Bras d'aspersion intermédiaireBras d'aspersion inférieurFiltresPlaque de calibrageRéservoir de sel régénérantFente d'aération3BANDEAU DE COMMANDE1251 Touche Marche/Arrêt2 Voyants de programme433 Voyants4 Touche de programme

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