Aiwa CX-NA30 CD Player دليل المستخدم

Aiwa CX-NA30 CD Player دليل المستخدم لجهاز

Aiwa CX-NA30 CD Player دليل المستخدم

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For assistance and informationcall toll free I-800-BUFAIWA(United States and Puerto Rico)87.NF7-903-019701 20AKY-U-9(mEiEDIGITALAUDIO

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PRECAUTIONSRead the Operating Instructions carefully and completely beforeoperating the unit. Be sure to keep the Operating Instructionsfor future reference. All warnings and cautions in the OperatingInstructions and on the unit should be strictly followed, as wellas the safety suggestions below.Installation1 Water and moisture — Do not use this unit near water, suchas near a bathtub, washbowl, swimming pool, or the like.2 Heat — Do not use this unit near sources of heat, includingheating ve

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4 Extension cord — To help prevent electric shock, do notuse a polarized AC power plug with an extension cord,receptacle, or other outlet unless the polarized plug can becompletely inserted to prevent exposure of the blades of theplug,5 When not in use — Unplug the AC power cord from the ACpower plug if the unit will not be used for several months ormore. When the cord is plugged in, a small amount of currentcontinues to flow to the unit, even when the power is turnedoffTABLE OF CONTENTSOutd

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Before connecting the AC cordThe rated voltage of your unit shown on the rear panel is120 V AC. Check that the rated voltage matches your localvoltage..,IMPORTANTConnect the speakers, antennas, and all optional equipment first.Then connect the AC cord in the end.CONNECTIONSCheck your system and accessories1=I@@\~%:,r~“p .“:. ..*$?=;j ~I-f?s3Jm1 Connect the right and Ieft,.speakers tounit.themainConnect the right speaker cord to the SPEAKERS R terminals,and left to the SPEAKERS L terminals.EE

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2 Connect the surround speakers to the main unit.(only for NSX-A35)There are no differences between the surround speakers,Connect each surround speaker cord to the SURROUNDSPEAKERS R or L terminal.●●●Do not bring the FM antenna near metal objects or curtain rails,,Do not bring the AM antenna near other optional equipment,the stereo system itself, the AC cord or speaker cords, sincenoise will be picked up.Do not unwind the AM antenna wire.CONNECTINGAN OUTDOOR ANTENNAFor better FM reception,

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REMOTE CONTROLBEFORE OPERATIONInserting batteriesDetach the battery cover on the rear of the remote control andinsert two R6 (size AA) batteries.POWERDEMOR6(AA)When to replace the batteriesThe maximum operational distance between the remote controland the sensor on the main unit should be approximately 5 meters(16 feet). When this distance decreases, replace the batterieswith new ones,To use the SHIFT button on the remote controlButtons @ have two clifferent functions. One of these functionsis i

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GRAPHIC EQUALIZERGEQSHIFTGRAPIEQUALVOLUMETurn the VOLUME control on the main unit, or press theVOLUME buttons on the remote control.The volume level is displayed as a number from O to MAX (31).The volume level is automatically set to 16 when the power isturned off with the volume level set to 17 or more.This unit provides the following three different equalization curves.ROCK: Powerful sound emphasizing treble and bassPOP: More presence in the vocals and midrangeCLASSIC: Enriched sound with heav

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,MANUAL TUNINGPRESETTING STATIONSMONO ITUNERBANDSHIFT-d7 Press the TUNER/BANDselect the desired band,~FM—ubuttonrepeatedlytoAM______If the power is turned off, the previously tuned station will beplayed (Direct Play Function).To select a band with the remote controlPress the BAND button while pressing the SHIFT button.2 Press the l++a station.DOWN or B+l UP button to selectThe unit can store a total of 32 preset stations. (Each band hasa maximum of 20 available preset stations.) When a station

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BASIC OPERATIONS,eAbout cassette tapes●To prevent accidental erasure, break off the plastic tabson the cassette tape after recording with a screwdriver orother pointed tool.~~Q-lGzSide ATab for side A1P●●Use Type I (normal) tapes only,To record on the tape again, cover the tab openings withadhesive tape, etc.120-minute or longer tapes are extremely thin and easilydeformed or damaged. They are not recommended.Take up any slack in the tape with a pencil or similar toolbefore use. Slack tape

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BASIC OPERATIONSTo play one disc only, press one of the DISC DIRECTPLAY buttons.The selected disc is played once.EDIT/CHECK4 OPEN/CLOSE zTo stop play, press the ■ button.To pause play, press the 1I button. To resume play, press again.To search for a particular point during playback, keep the44 or button pressed and release the button at the desiredpoint.To skip to the beginning of a track during playback, pressthe +or B-P button repeatedly.To remove discs, press the A OPEN/CLOSE button.To star

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Example:To select the 25th track, press the +1O, +10 and 5 buttons.To select the 10th track, press the +10 and O buttons.RANDOM /REPEAT PLAYUse the remote control,RANDOM playAll the tracks on the selected disc or on all the discs can beplayed randomly.Program numberTotal playing time ofthe selected tracksREPEAT playA single disc or all the discs can be played repeatedly.Selected track numberPress the RANDOM/REPEATbutton while pressing theSHIFT button.Each time it is pressed, the function can be

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,BASIC RECORDINGINSERTING~\.!This section explains how to record from the tuner, CD player, orexternal equipment.BLANK SPACES-4-second blank spaces can be insertedat the desired pointduringrecording. (Applicable when the source is TUNER or VIDEO/AUX.)1 Press the ● REC/REC MUTE button during recording orwhile in recording pause mode.~on the display flashes for 4 seconds and the tape runswithout recording. After 4 seconds; the deck enters the.. .recording pause mode.2 Press the II button to resu

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DUBBING A TAPE MANUALLYThis function allows you to make exact copies of the originaltape.m●●DUBBING THE WHOLE TAPESet the tape to the point where recording will start.Note that recording will be done on one side of the tape only.wDubbing does not start from a point halfway in the tape.● Note that recording will be done on one side of the tape only.●1 Press the TAPE button.2 Insert the original tape into deck 1 and the tapeto be recorded on into deck 2.Insert the tapes with the sides to b

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,6 Press the ● REC/REC MUTE buttonrecording on the first side.Al EDIT RECORDING”to startThe tape is rewound to the beginning of the first side, thelead segment is played through for 10 seconds, and recordingstarts. When the last track programmed for side A is finished,deck 2 enters the recording stop mode. After entering therecording stop mode, go to step 7.7 Press the EDIT/CHECKbutton while pressing theSHIFT button on the remote control to displaythe program for the second recording.B is di

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PROGRAMMEDEDIT RECORDING63,7,8,9Repeat step 5 for the rest of the tracks for side A,,A track whose playing time is longer than the remaining timecannot be programmed.Remaining timeof side A54,54Total numberof programmedtracks3,7,8,97uProgrammedtracksPress the EDIT/CHECK button while pressing theSHIFT button on the remote control to select sideB and program the tracks for side B.After confirming B on the display, repeat step 5.Programmed edit function enables CD recording while checkingthe remain

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MICROPHONEVOCAL FADEFUMULTIPLEX FUNCTIONSMIXINGThis unit can use discs orta~es as Karaoke sources.Press the KARAOKE button repeatedly to select the vocalfader or multiplex function.Use the vocal fader function for ordinary discs or tapes.Use the multiplex function for multi audio discs or tapes.Each time the KARAOKE button is pressed, one of thesefunctions is selected cyclically.‘ARA”KE-MIIA microphone (not supplied) can be connected to this unit,allowing you to sing along to music sources.U

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KARAOKE PROGRAM2114❑Before or during CD play, you can reserve up to 15 tracks to beplayed after the current track. Each reservation is cleared whenit finishes playing.Press it once more to cancel the Karaoke program. The displayreturns to that of CD play.m●Use the remote control.1 Press the PRGM button while pressing a SHIFTbutton ~.●If the reserved track number does not exist on the selectedldisc, the unit stops playing and the display flashes,[n this case, press the *button to skip the e

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SETTING THE CLOCKSETTING THE TIMER112,41,23u1 Press the CLOCK button while pressing theSHIFT button on the remote control, and ~ressthe 11 SET button within 4 seconds.6The unit can be turned on at a specified time every day with thebuilt-in timer,PreparationMake sure the clock is set correctly.Use the remote control..2 Press the DOWN or *UP button todesignate the hour, and press the 11 SET button.1 Press the TIMER button while pressing the SHIFTbutton once to display 0, and press the II !3ETbutt

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The duration for the timer-activated period can be set between5 and 240 minutes in 5-minute steps,o If this step is not completed within 4 seconds, repeat fromstep 1,SETTING THE SLEEP TIMER5 Prepare the source.To listen to a CD, load the disc to be played first on tray 1.To listen to a tape, insert the tape into deck 1 or 2,To listen to the radio, tune in to a station.6 Press the POWER button to turn the unit off afteradjusting the volume and tone.@ remains on the display after the power is turn

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CONNECTINGEQUIPMENT\OPTIONALmlLISTENING TO EXTERNALSOURCESCD DIGITAL OUTw(OpT’cAL)0.~’g’In’9*●*fi11VIDEO/AUXI=w,POWERSURROUNDSPEAKERSISUPERWOOFERRefer to the operating instructions of the connected equipmentfor details.o The connecting cords are not supplied, Obtain the necessaryconnecting cords.o Consult your local Aiwa dealer for optional equipment.To play equipment connected to the VIDEO/AUX jacks proceedas follows,1 Press the VIDEO/AUX2 Play the connectedVl13E0/AUX JACKThis unit ca

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